Written on November 16, 2018

Winter Plans…come join us

I ALWAYS start these blogs with, sorry I haven’t done one in AGES. So I should probably say it again…oooopsie.

We have had a VERY busy end of year, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Winter is looking amazing for us so I’m going to fill you in with our plans.

Bunny my homebred 3yo is coming in to be backed, I am SUPER excited about her, she out of my old event mare Ex Ondine, x Cevin Z.

Camille, my dad’s 4yo is back up and running, she’s been out doing some growing up and fattening up over the summer, she will head out this winter for some dressage, and start jumping in Feb, she will then head out evening late summer 2019 so lots of work behind the scenes with her.

Jenny, 5yo, who was meant to be sold by now, has surprise surprise STAYED, she’s really sweet and will continued her education with us until next year, she’s developing so much each week, I think I will keep her to event early season as I’m having so much fun with her.

The legend that is Rocky has a busy winter ahead, he’s heading out BS and then in Jan will start the ROR BD qualifications. Rocky is my no pressure, fun horse, who is part of the furniture but is SO talented, whilst my top horse has been out he’s proved himself massively so it’s time to be really competitive with him. His brain is now fully on side which allows be to be braver with him.

Hals been off for 3 months with a slight niggle, I’m not in a rush to bring him back in, as we know how talented his is, so he will start his hacking/strengthening work in 4/6 weeks and then fingers crossed we are good to go for Apr/May, and the plan is  1* end of season 2019 for him.

Winnie, 4yo, Emma Perry’s lovely youngster is heading out for a winters dressage, strengthening, growing along with my youngsters,

We also have some lovely new clients with some VERY exciting horses. So I will be doing a lot more coaching this winter. At home and competition, I cannot wait to see all these partnerships develop.

2019 I am booked into a lot of development programmes for myself as a rider, a trainer of young horses, and a coach.

We also have space this winter for 1 schooling livery. Does your horse need some extra support in a particular area? We are here to help. We offer an affordable, professional service with a strong support system. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info.

As a side note, last night myself and some clients attended the Caroline Moore clinic at Hartpury, a fantastic evening with lots of fantastic ideas. It was a breath of fresh air to watch a ‘system’ work.

I will also be seeing my coaches Hannah Biggs and Joe Macdonald as often as possible over the next few months. Their ongoing support has been the key to the success of all the horses the last few months.

We are ALWAYS looking to expand, new rides, new clients, new sponsors, new products, new ideas. If you want to join our team please call us for a chat.

Winter planning is in full swing. Excited is an understatement 🙂