Written on May 7, 2015


What a crazy couple of months we have had!

I am absolutely over the moon to announce that my horse of a life time ExOndine (loulou) gave birth to the most beautiful foal on Easter Sunday. OFCOURSE we had to call her Bunny! The girls went straight up to ICU in Breadstone to make sure they got the best start as Bunny was few weeks early and no milk way ready….3 weeks on she is causing havoc on the yard and putting a smile on everyone’s faces. Loulou is proving to be the mum we knew she would be….amazing! Iv waited to this moment for a very very long time…and I am on cloud 9 at the moment.

The boys have continued to come on leaps and bounds…Halcyon had a niggaly little injury in March so had a month off, he the came back into work feeling incredible…jumped double clear around his first competition and felt epic…he jumped so well he’s twisted his leg…so a few more weeks off for Hal.

Rocky is looking sensational…over the last two months he’s been Xc schooling for the first time in his life, proving to be one of the bravest horses Iv ever sat on and he’s been to his first ever showjump evening, flying round with a smile on his face and throwing some serious shapes….he still hates dressage so lots to work on but considering what this horse has been through, to even let a human on his back is a BIG DEAL…so to do this makes me super proud of him.

Canto Boy decided he didn’t want to be an event horse in March, he wanted to be a NIGHTMARE…canto is the quirkiest horse Iv ever met, and March didn’t go as planned…however, after changing lots of routines and bringing the fun back into things he’s back ON FORM, he has been in the ribbons on every outing, and the comments we receive about this horse is brilliant. He will be incredible, we just have to keep on tapping away in his brain to make him realise he could potentially be a 4* horse and that those things called log are NOT going to run after him.

There are lots of videos uploaded on our YouTube of the boys Xc schooling and as usual LOADS of pictures on our Instagram. Please take a look, the links can be found on the home screen.

The next few months see the start of my season with all three boys and we have some new arrivals on the yard to break in, loulou will also be going back up to stud.

as always we are on the look out for new sponsors and owners, the yard is beaming with ideas and we are the busiest we have ever been.

Keep and eye on our antics over the next few months….and come and say hi if you see us on our travels 🙂