Written on January 25, 2018

Injuries and plans

So, it’s was a longggggggg 2017 season pickled with injuries from both myself and my top horse 🙁

so we had a quiet year, both young horses were established at pre-novice last year and gave me some fab rides. Rocky however isn’t going to event anymore, I’m going to showjump him over the summer, this is where he is happiest 🙂

We continued our training with Hannah Biggs and Joe McDonald who as ever filled my brain with lots of fantisic ideas and are both incredible supporters.

Going into what would usually be a busy winter on the yard, life basically took over, for once in my life I admitted defeat and something needed to change, I could no longer work 20 hour days, 7days a week. So I moved house, changed jobs and sold some horses….2017 taught me so much, and I needed to listen to my body.

However, 2018 hit and I am finally back on track, with some intense treatment on my back after my old breaks started giving me incredible pain. I am in full rehabilitation and yesterday I got back in the saddle, and it felt INCREDIBLE.

SO….LET THE 2018 SEASON begin. I have a HUGE amount of catching up to do. But I am so up for it.

This year I will be doing a lot more showjumping and my first homebred comes in to be backed. I have just the 1 horse to campaigne out on the event circuit, who ofocurse is the incredible HAL. I will be focusing my time on Running a business instead of chasing a dream! Although the dream is still there I need to be sensible with my time so I don’t break again…

The yard will now run a part/full livery service. So please get in touch.

I will be back posting updates on the horses on social media, something which Iv very much missed.

So for now, happy new year and watch this space….we are on our way back.

Jo and Team x