Written on June 6, 2017

Finally….an update!

ok…so it’s been a while. I just never get chance to sit down and do updates anymore, however I can’t believe it’s been so long.

And reflecting back I can’t believe how much has happened since my last update.

So where do I begin, last year saw some new arrivals, I MUST introduce 2016 foal Bea, another Cevin Z foal by my Mare EXONDINE, she’s a little cracker and roll on 2020 when we get to start that little ball of fun off.

2016 also seen us starting lots of fun youngsters, one of which has stuck around, fern Aka cow pony, which if you follow my social media you would have seen lots of, Fern is owned by a The crazy Parry family, she comes over to me a few times a week and will start her eventing career this year, as ever I am so greatful to Emma Parrys continued support and this year we have another exciting youngster of Emma’s that we have already broken and will be returning in July to start her ridden work.

We had a very quiet winter this winter unfortunately we had a very poorly family member, who we sadly lost at the start of the season. And poor Papa Marsh had THE WORST luck, at the start of the winter his back gave up on him, after months of not being able to walk and intense treatment we had no options left but to operate, thankfully the operation has been a success but it’s a long road to full recovery, anyone that knows the dinamics of our yard know how much of an important role dad plays, therefore our preparation was weak coming into this season. Sometimes the horses have to take a back seat and they were fantastic in this hard time, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who suppotered us whilst dad was out of action.

Both my horses Hal and Rocky are feeling amazing this year, they are both in their second season and feeling like they learnt a lot from last year, we still have a lot to teach them but we are having so much fun in doing so. Below I have attached some pictures of their progress from the season so far.

We are on the look out for more horses, owners and sponsors to join our team, I am stepping away from the ‘office job’ A lot more at the moment now the summer is finally here which is allowing me more time on the yard. So PLEASE get in touch if you have anything in mind.

Just to end on our favourite new arrival ‘BRIAN’ Brian is our new very shiny lorry, FINALLY after years of travelling up and down the UK in a trailor we thought with the expansion of horses it was time to finally invest in some comfort….and I am over the moon with it.

I am seriously excited for the rest of the season and from now on will be doing event reports to keep the website up to date.

Onwards and upwards

Jo X