Written on May 11, 2018

2018 has finally arrived…

It’s stopped raining….YAY!


All the horses are back out in there paddocks and so happy to see some lush green grass.


so 2018 started with a fabulous high, Wilderness Halcyon and I headed to Broadway horse trials last weekend, knocking a lot of points of our previous season dressage tests he come out of the arena with a 25 dressage, a MASSIVE thank you as ever to Hannah Biggs for her hard work with us in this area, unfortunaly we had the last down in the showjumping 🙁 but he felt amazing, thanks to our lesson the week before from Showjump coach Joe Macdonald who give us a serious kick up the bottom. And then we flew around the cross country, a few seconds too fast, which with the step up to novice in mind I do not mind at all. Super pleased with a top 10 placing after 10months away from the eventing scene.

Roll on the next one.

Scarborough Rock (Rocky)  is now planned in for a year of BD, and aiming for the ROR champs in September, everyone who knows rocky story, knows how special this boy is to me, and I’m too precious with jumping him on tougher ground (not that he cares) but I want him to last forever. So watch this space, let’s see what we can do on the BD side of the sport.


My first home bred is starting to learn to be a grown up this year and will be backed later on this summer…where did those three years go…


And very soon I may have some very exciting news to share with you all….Keep checking my social media pages.


Jo X


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