Over the last few years we have set to work producing a fantastic facility in the heart of Somerset.

We have 2 yards just metres from each other.


Yard 1

- 10 very big, open airy boxes with auto drinkers and haybars
– 20 x 40 flood lit arena
– 1 acre paddock
– 2 foal grazing paddocks
– A big indoor hay barn / rug store*
– 1 double size field shelter
– 20 x 60 grass dressage arena in the summer
– Grass jumping paddock in the summer



Yard 2

- 10 acres of professionally built paddocks
– 2 loose boxes
– A big airy hay barn / machinery store
– 1 big wood chip pen for winter turn out / box rest
– We will soon start work to build some XC complexes in an area of this yard.

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